Almardia: The national aspect before the profit, in all our projects

Sheikh Faisal bin Hamad Al Thani affirmed that the perspective of the Almardia project in increasing soil fertility is purely national aspect, neither economic nor commercial.

Added that he was keen to focus all efforts, so the farmer will not need the product after a while in the future, and will have fertile soil suitable for cultivation without staying in need of this product or this company.

This came during his speech to Qatar National Radio about his pioneering experience in raising the fertility of Qatari soil from 1% to 9%, to be equal to the level of soil fertility in the European continent.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Almardia Company for Trading and Agriculture indicated that the “beneficial bacteria” technology adopted by the company provided a higher abundance of production with better quality of the product, in terms of speed of growth, taste, validity, “shelf life of the product” providing healthier products, in addition to the reclamation of the soil itself.

They said: “With time, soil’s need for reclamation and these additions will be less time after time which reduces costs for the farmer, as each year the soil will be better than the year before.

They added that needs certainly differ from one region to another, and each place has its own needs, but generally, it reduces heat stress and diseases, which makes the soil more able to face hard conditions.

The interview with Qatar Radio can be found at this link.

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