How to start a fish farming business

How to start a fish farming business?

If you’ve got a farm or even a moderate backyard, you might enjoy raising vegetables. If you have extra area, you might keep a few chickens for eggs and meat. But now you can think about growing activities into raising fish for your own consumption. If you have an eligible farm, you can consider it as a promising business and grow fish for local restaurants and other commercial purposes. In this article, we tell you how to start a fish farming business, and how to tackle most of challenges.

We hear the word aquaculture or aquafarming but what is referred to?

It’s the process of harvesting and cultivation of fish. It is one of the new business plans that contribute nearly 50% of seafood needs for human consumption. 

It’s estimated to play a more essential role in the coming years to ensure global food security and reduce the limitations of capture fisheries.

There are several kinds of business you can invest in the fish farming domain; you can grow fish to eat seafood, to supply aquariums, or to be stocked for commercial, agricultural and medical purposes.

Fish farming doesn’t require a large body of water, lots of fish species can be located indoors and outdoors.

What is fish farming?

The fish farm is a body of water where fish artificially can grow and breed. Multiple species of fish can be grown in the same pond.

Advantages of fish farming:

  1. Researchers expect that fish will form more than 30% of the resources of food for the next 20 years.
  2. Most of the fish eaten every year are grown in fish farms. 
  3. The fish farming business is growing 3 times faster than farming land animals. 
  4. Farms can be established in ponds, pools, tanks or cages in offshore cultivation. Fish farms are environmentally friendly businesses with many profitable side effects. For example, it’s discovered that growing types of fish in rice fields enhances the crops and reduces harmful insects, and the Indian experience is a good example.
  5.  According to the food and agricultural organization, wild populations of fish are at risk, and many kinds are under the threat of extinction. As a result, raising fish can protect them and we can make profits by buying these kinds to zoos and research centers.

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Fish farming at home

Many people are eager to learn how to start a fish farming business, so here are some essential tips:

Building a Pond

If there is a low area in the backyard it might be suitable to install a pond. Otherwise, an experienced contractor is needed to do the digging.

” Don’t forget to get the permission from the local municipal board to construct a fish farm.”

It’s important to seal the pond with plastic liner or natural sealant like sodium bentonite clay. Install a fountain to provide oxygen in the pond, and don’t forget to build a fence around it. In case the fish farm is an outdoor facility, you’ll need to use protection nets to keep birds and other predators away.

Water testing

For every system you choose to apply, you have to test the water eligibility. It’s very important to check the Ph level and 7 is preferred for most species. You don’t have to calibrate the Ph level with chemical products although it functions faster.

You can use limestone to lower the Ph and crushed coral to raise it.

4 tips to keep in mind

  1. Before investing, learn all you can about aquaculture, talk with marine biologists or other fish farmers in your neighborhood. Attend meetings and workshops.
  2. Allocate part of the budget for applying a marketing strategy. 
  3. Detect your suppliers and make arrangements considering them as partners in your success. 
  4. Start small then expand with the market.

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