Effective Strategies to Fight Trash Can Odors

Effective Strategies to Fight Trash Can Odors

Garbage disposals are a great way to keep your kitchen clean and odor-free. Unfortunately, sometimes they can start to smell bad. If you’re experiencing smelly garbage disposal, there are some simple steps you can take to get it back in working order. In this article, we’ll discuss what causes of trash can odors and provide tips on how you can prevent and eliminate odors from your garbage disposal. Many effective strategies will be discussed for eliminating bad smells and keeping your home smelling fresh.

Despite taking out the garbage regularly, unpleasant odors can still linger in your home and garage. To ensure that your house remains free of any unsavory smells, it is important to take extra steps to keep them at bay. Fortunately, with a few clever hacks and tips, you can easily combat any odor-causing issues in your house.

Improve Common Sense.

  •  Replacing your current trash can with a smaller one could be a good idea. Although it may seem counterintuitive, this will encourage you to empty the bin more frequently and ensure that the contents are not stored for long periods of time.
  • Taking out the trash can be a smelly, messy ordeal. Using high-quality trash bags is an essential part of ensuring that the process is as hygienic and convenient as possible. These bags should be thick enough to hold in odors, and sturdy enough not to spill their contents or leak any odorful juices when being dragged down multiple floors. Although high-quality garbage bags can help minimize the smell from your trash cans, don’t forget that the bin may be the cause of the odor and should be cleaned regularly as well.
  • Moisture can be detrimental, as it encourages bacteria growth. After using liquids or a liquid substance, make sure to pour any additional fluid into the sink. When getting rid of old soup, for example, make sure to either discard it in its own separate container or not at all.

Use Odor-Absorber:

Baking soda

It can be used to effectively absorb bad smells in the refrigerator and trash cans. To take advantage of its scent-eliminating properties, sprinkle baking soda inside of the trash can or even put some directly into the bag. Furthermore, it is an excellent cleaning agent. You can mix it with lemon juice and vinegar to effectively clean your garbage cans periodically. Or simply, there are detergents designed and produced especially for these purposes.


To reduce odors and absorb liquids in the trash can, some people add a layer of cat litter at the bottom. This litter contains bacteria and smell inhibitors as well. It should be changed weekly or when it becomes damp to ensure optimal usage. However, keep in mind that the smell of even clean cat litter is also undesirable. Consequently, this could lead us to the same problem.

Dryer sheets 

They have a variety of uses beyond their intended purpose of freshening laundry. In particular, they can be used to absorb odors in smelly trash cans. Even used dryer sheets can be useful for eliminating bad odors and making your trash can smell fresh. These are a great way to keep your garbage area smelling clean and pleasant.

Coffee grounds

They are surprisingly powerful-smelling sponges. They can be used to deodorize a trash can without the need for any artificial scent products. Simply mound a layer of dry coffee grounds in the bottom of the trash can, and it will help absorb any bad odors that may linger. This is an easy and affordable way to keep your trash can smelling fresh.

Ice and salt:

Ice and salt are an effective way to clean and maintain a garbage disposal. The combination of ice cubes and rock salt helps break down food residue, grease, and other debris that can accumulate in the blades of the disposal. Pouring two cups of ice cubes and one cup of rock salt into the garbage disposal, it can help reduce odors and increase efficiency. As the ice is crushed, it will rid the blades of any sticky residue on them, while salt will be used to deodorize it.

Cover The Smell With More Powerful Odors

Masking the smell of trash is an ongoing challenge, but there are ways to make it more bearable. One solution is to use citrus peels and essential oils to add a more powerful odor that can overpower the smell of the trash. By placing citrus peels between the can and bag and adding a few drops of essential oil to the bin each time you switch out the bag.  With that, you can make your space more pleasant for everyone.

Last but not least, hyperactive detergents containing Hyper Thermophilic and Thermophilic bacteria can be one of the most effective solutions for neutralizing odors from food, pet, and other sources. Using these eco-friendly products on the underside of trash can lids and cupboard or pantry doors is a very convenient way to maintain a pleasant smell at home. See MYKROBAK – OD

Store-bought or homemade deodorizers are an efficient and natural solution for managing disagreeable smells in the home. This is a convenient, safe and economical way of dealing with bad odors.

Common Questions:

  • How do I stop my garbage from smelling?

One effective and easy way to keep your garbage from stinking is by using baking soda. Sprinkling baking soda all over the top of your garbage and letting it sit will help to absorb unpleasant odors. The longer you let it sit, the better the results; you can even let it sit overnight for maximum effectiveness.

  • Why does my garbage always smell?

Bacteria are known to multiply quickly when decomposing food is present. These microorganisms feed off the decomposition and emit odorous chemicals that contribute significantly to bad smells in the bin.

  • What types of odorous chemicals are produced by the bacteria during decomposition?

The bacteria present in decomposing organic matter produce a variety of odorous chemicals. These chemicals are composed of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odoriferous sulfur compounds and are released into the atmosphere.

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