Add Life

is a power organic plant feed for all types of gardens, greenhouses, flowering plants, lawns, trees, shrubs, and edibles. It is based on selective strains of nitrogen-fixing bacterias, along with the magic of mycorrhizae and all essential nutrients, making it a superfood to revive and rejuvenate your favorite plants

Desired Benefits

  • Natural NPK fixer: Meet the nitrogen need of the plants by fixing atmospheric nitrogen. Transform phosphorus and potassium salts in the soil by dissolving them into the form that the plant can get.
  • Increased stress tolerance: Improves stress tolerance of the plants, keeping them healthy even in adverse soil & weather conditions.
  • Improves crop health: Increases the secretion of plant growth hormones and regulators, enhancing the size of roots as a result revives and rejuvenates unhealthy plants.

Improves soil fertility: Improves aeration of the soil and increases its water holding capacity. Naturally balances soil ph level.

Dosage Instructions

Soil Inoculation

Mix 2.5L of ADD LIFE in 300L of water and spray for 12 acres. Repeat treatment after 15 days.

Seed Inoculation

Use 250 ml of ADD LIFE for 10 to 15 kgs of seed. A  slurry is made by adding adequate water with the  required quantity of product. This slurry is uniformly  applied to seed, then dried in shade and sown.

Foliar Spray

Mix 5ml of ADD LIFE with every litre of water. Spray  the crop canopy as per local customary practices to  the level of drip.

Seedling Inoculation

Seedlings required for one acre are inoculated with  2 L of ADD LIFE mixed properly in water. Roots  are dipped in the mix to enable roots to receive the  inoculum.


ADD Life is made from selective strains of beneficial bacteria, glomus mycorrhiza species and growth nutrients
Add Life