Compost Pro

helps to accelerate the organic matter  decomposition with increased humidification  and shortened composting time

Desired Benefits

  • Converts all types of organic waste into rich manure rapidly by  breaking down the hard structure of the waste within 28-35 days
  • Breaks down Pulp by activating bacteria
  • Used in all compost piles & bins and leaves no unpleasant  odor or harmful by-products
  • Promotes the enzymatic, fungal and bacterial process of  fermentation
  • Used for aerobic composting of organic solid wastes &  effluents
  • Accelerates the decomposition process to reach a more balanced  C:Nratio range between 10:1 and 15:1 within 3-4 weeks, and also  sustains temperature rise in compost heaps from 60-70o C

Dosage Instructions

  • Add 1 L of Compost Pro to 100 Kg organic waste and mix well. Evenly  apply the above mix to 1000kgs of organic waste to convert all types  of organic waste into compost/manure


Brevivacillus  Bacillus Species  Bacillus  Coagulans  Bacillus  Licheniformis  Bacillus  Megaterium  Bacillus Subtilis  Strptococcus Total Coun6×10¹¹  Cfu
Actinomycetes – Streptomyces
Compost Fungi

Basidiomyces Speices  Trichoderma Species  Myriococcum Thermophilum

Total Count  7×10¹¹ Cfu per ml
Mosphillic Bateria  1.7-2.84 x 10^9  Cfu per ml


Compost Pro