Enriched Earth

a microbial consortium used for decomposing all forms of organic agricultural waste and creating high

quality nutrient-rich humus for  fertilization of soil.

Desired Benefits

  • Converts all types of organic waste into rich compost/manure rapidly by breaking down of hard structure by enzymatic, fungal and bacterial process
  • Destroys pathogens, harmful bacteria, weed seeds and toxic matter  Helps in controlling harmful soil borne pathogens
  • 100% organic & environmentally safe

Dosage Instructions

1 kg per cubic feet of biomass and maintain 30% moisture.  Apply in layers. Takes 4-5 weeks for decomposition


Cellulomonas uda Min.2.0 x 10^8
celluomonas gelida Min.2.0 x 10^8
Trichoderma reesei Min.1.0 x 10^7
Aspergillus awamori Min.1.0 x 10^7
Streptomyces lavendulae Min.2.0 x 10^8
Pleurotus ostreatus Min.2.0 x 10^8
Phanerochaete Min.2.0 x 10^8
Chrysosporium Min.2.0 x 10^8
Trametes versicolor