Metarhzium Anisopliae

is a biological insecticide based on a selected strain of naturally-occurring entomopathogenic soil fungus Metarhizium Anisopliae that infects and kills termites, locusts and larvae and adults of many soil insects like root grubs and root weevils; ants and larvae of lepidopterous insects

Desired Benefits

  • Effectively controls most of the economically important pests such as Termites, root grubs, locusts, root weevils, ants and caterpillar pets
  • Pest reduction leads to improved plant health and thereby increased crop productivity
  • Metarhizium Anisopliae is pet friendly, eco friendly and infant friendly


Dosage Instructions

  • Soil Application: Mix Metarhizium Anisopliae @ 5g/L of water and decant the supernatant liquid and apply through drip irrigation, flood irrigation, spraying on soil, drenching the root zone.
    Metarhizium Anisopliae can also be mixed with organic fertilizers, vermicompost / neem cake and applied to root zone. 
  • Termatarium application: Destroy the termatarium and drench the termatarium are a with liberal quantity of water with Metarhizium Anisopliae Suggested dilution is 5 g/L of water. 
  • Foliar spray: Mix Metarhizium Anisopliae @ 2.5 Kg in 1000L of water and spray to control termites in Ground nut. 

Mix Metarhizium Anisopliae @ 5 g/L of water and spray for control of Lepidopetrous pests/Caterpillar pests and locusts. The spray volume depends upon the crop canopy.


Metarhizium anisopliae(spores) 10%, 1 X 109 CFU/g 
Carrier (Dextrose) 90%
Metarhzium Anisopliae