Neem Protect Oil

a natural pesticide extracted from the seeds  of Neem (Azadirachta indica), a tropical  tree native to the Indian subcontinent

Desired Benefits

  • Blanket control for 200+ insects & pests
  • Kills pests throughout their lifecycle
  • Nematodes prevention
  • Pests don’t build a resistance
    to Neem Protect
  • Mosquito Prevention
  • Organic & biodegradable
  • Safe to Beneficial Insects
  • Earthworms Will Thrive
  • Safe for all animals, birds & children


Dosage Instructions

Neem Protect Water
10ml 2L
50ml 10L
100ml 20L

Neem Protect can be mixed with water and used in spray pumps to  coat the aerial parts of the plants that come under attack from pests.  Normally oil and water don’t mix, however Neem Protect Oil comes  with ready to use formulation which you can directly mix with water and  start using on your plants.

Spray the mixed solution on all the leaves, especially the undersides  where insects like to hide. When spraying for the first time, drench the  soil around the roots as well as it is even good for your soil.

Neem Protect Oil