Neem Protect

Potting Mix

a natural fertiliser made from the seeds of  Neem (Azadirachta Indica).  Commonly  used as a soil supplement which enriches  the soil, lowers nitrogen loss and protects  plants from soil based pathogens. It also  functions as a natural nematicide.

Desired Benefits

  • Increase Root Size
  • Harmonizes soil, water & air relationship
  • Rich source of NPK & other micro nutrients
  • Controls soil based pests & diseases
  • Nematodes prevention
  • Inhibits nitrification of the soil
  • Improves Soils’ Organic Content

Dosage Instructions

Neem Protect Potting Mix is applied when you are preparing your soil for sowing. You will  need to plough the soil deeply and mix the Neem cake thoroughly while doing the same.  This process will yield you better results with your harvest.

For fertilizing an open field or grow beds, recommended dosage is 250g per 1 square foot of planting soil.

Neem Protect