Rootmax Liquid

contains mycorrhizal fungi. It is a natural and plant-friendly fungi suitable for use on all flowering plants, trees, shrubs and edibles. Within four weeks after application, these fungi colonize the structure of the plant roots, to form a connection that facilitates a 2-way nutrient exchange

Desired Benefits

  • Increase Root Size
  • Higher Nutrient Uptake
  • Stronger & Healthier Plants
  • Enhance the root system
  • Improve crop yield
  • Enhanced water and nutrients uptake making the plant strong & healthy
  • Helps the plant to survive in cold & adverse weather conditions

Dosage Instructions

For Gardens & Nurseries

  • When planting individual plants, mix 5ml of Rootmax Liquid with sufficient water, and pour the mixture directly into the planting soil
  • For trees and shrubs already planted, mix Rootmax Liquid with sufficient water and pour around the base of the plant. Use 5ml for small shrubs and 10 to 25ml for larger trees
  • Application Frequency – Use Rootmax Liquid when sowing and repeat application after two month

For Farms

  • Mix 2 to 4L of Rootmax Liquid with sufficient quantity of water to inoculate 1 acre of land. Inoculation methods include in-furrow application, drip irrigation or direct spray on soil.
  • Application Frequency – Apply Rootmax Liquid to your soil when sowing. For best results, do a repeat application after 2 months


Guaranteed Analysis  Active Ingredients

Microbial Content (Rhizophagus


– 245 propagules per gram)………….2%  Total Inert Ingredients (Carrier).……98%  Total………………………………….100%

Rootmax Liquid