Rootmax Powder

is an organic rooting powder that promotes root growth, serves as a plant root stimulators, and bolster their defense mechanisms. This rooting powder strengthens a plant’s natural resistance to phytophthora, fusarium, pythium, and rhizoctonia.

Desired Benefits

  • Enhanced water and nutrients uptake making the plant strong & healthy
  • Heavier cropping & more flowering
  • Surviving better in cold & adverse conditions
  • Increase the immunity of the plant in case of replanting

Dosage Instructions

For Gardens & Nurseries

  • To use while planting, sprinkle 5g (1 tsp) Rootmax Powder into the base of the planting hole so that the powder is in direct contact with the roots.
  • For seeds and bulbs, mix 5g Rootmax Powder with the planting soil and plant as normal.
  • For already planted trees and shrubs, make a hole in soil next to the base of the plant and sprinkle the Rootmax Powder into it, watering afterwards. 5g to 15g for small to medium sized plants and shrubs. 25g to 50g for medium to large sized trees.
  • For nursery bed preparation, mix 100g of Rootmax Powder per square meter with compost, and use this to prepare the planting beds.
  • For seedlings, apply 5g of Rootmax Powder per seedling in the soil before planting. For trees, use 50g per medium sized tree, 100g per large sized tree when planting; apply in the soil where the tree will be planted.
  • For potting, dosage depends on pot size; mix 5g (1 tsp) of Rootmax Powder for a 2L (67.6 Fl Oz) sized pot. For larger pots, increase dosage accordingly.
  • Repeat application 2 months after first use.

For Farms

  • For agricultural soil treatment: Mix 3 to 5 kg of Rootmax Powder in 50 Kg of well decomposed manure, compost or soil. Spread the mixture uniformly at a depth of 2 to 3cm in the planting rows for 1 acre of land. Treat the soil once before sowing and repeat the treatment 30 to 60 days after sowing. 
  • More efficient application rates may exist depending on particular circumstances


Guaranteed Analysis  Active Ingredients

Microbial Content (Rhizophagus  Intraradices

– 245 propagules per gram)………….2%  Total Inert Ingredients (Carrier).……98%  Total………………………………….100%

Rootmax Powder