a soil additive prepared using Earthworms. It  is proven to be highly nutritive ‘organic  fertilizer’ and more powerful ‘growth  promoter’ over the conventional composts  and a ‘protective’ farm input

Desired Benefits

  • Improves soil structure and texture
  • Increased soil porosity and aeration
  • Improves soil moisture holding capacity resulting in enhanced plant growth


Dosage Instructions

Mix the soil and Worm Castings in  1 :1 ratio for starter pots. For  rejuvenation, 100gms of Worm  Castings should be sprinkled once  in 20 days right on top of the soil  which will percolate down and  nurtures the plant.


100% Organic Plant Food produced by earthworms
Vermicompost rich in NPK (nitrogen 2-3%, potassium

1.85-2.25% and phosphorus 1.55-2.25%)

Beneficial soil microbes
Plant growth hormones & enzymes