A multi mineral aquatic feed that  contributes the improvement in  growth and enhance survival rates

Desired Benefits

  • Protects from mineral deficiencies in fish / shrimp / prawns
  • Helps to develop immune response and defense mechanism
  • Ensures efficient osmoregulation mechanism
  • Supports in proper moulting of crustaceans
  • Optimizes feed conversation ratio and maximizes productivity
  • Enriches primary and secondary productivity of pond water
  • Maintains optimum pH of pond water
  • Prevents from loose shell, white muscle and muscle cramp in shrimp
  • Covers hard shell and soft-shell problems with the correct mineral’s  ratio
  • It provides the essential minerals, nutrients and amino acids needed  by fish and shrimp for a healthier

Dosage Instructions

For Feeding Mix:

Daily dosage for Fish: 2 – 3g per kg of feed

Daily dosage for Shrimp / Prawn: 5g per kg of feed

For Fish Pond:

Apply 5kg per acre on the 1st day to 30th day on a

1-meter water depth

Apply 10 – 15kg per acre after 30th day till harvesting  on a 1-meter water depth upon stocking density

and culture condition


Calcium 20 %
Phosphorous 12%
Choline Chloride 1%
Magnesium 5%
Copper 0.10%
Zinc 0.80%
Manganese 0.12%
Iodine 0.026%
iron 0.40%
Cobalt 0.012%
Selenium 0.003%
Probiotics 3.5 g
Excipients add 100 g