is specially targeted Probiotics / Direct-Fed Microbial for Broilers

Desired Benefits

  • Better Livability
  • Reduces Fat Deposition
  • Eliminates Bacterial Diseases
  • Improves Weight Gain
  • Improves Immunity
  • Improves F.C.R.


Dosage Instructions

0.5grams per liter of drinking water.



Composition: per 150 gm 

Fermentation product dehydrated

L.Acidophillus 40X10^10 CFU
Entrococus faecium 40X10^10 CFU
L.Reutri 40X10^10 CFU
L.Salivarius 40X10^10 CFU
L.lactis 40X10^10 CFU
L.Casei 40X10^10 CFU
Bifido bacterium bifidus 40X10^10 CFU
L.animalis 40X10^10 CFU
L.Cellobiosus 40X10^10 CFU
Fortified with Nucleotides 

NMB complex and acidifiers – 600 mg

Carrier : Lactose up to 150 gm