Glide Pro

is a supplemental food for pigeons

Desired Benefits

  • Improves digestion & feed conversion
  • Improves & assist the immune system
  • Improves growth
  • Rich in beneficial bacteria
  • Maintain health in optimum condition for better performance


Dosage Instructions

1gram per 100 pigeons in first drinking water, 2-3 times per day or 25gms per Kg of feed. 



Per 100gms Fermentation product de-hydrated
L.Acidophillus 6X10¹¹ CFU
L.casei  6X10¹¹ CFU
L.reutri 6X10¹¹ CFU
L.fermentum 6X10¹¹ CFU
L.lactis 6X10¹¹ CFU
L.Salvaricus 6X10¹¹ CFU
Bifidobacterium Bifidum 6X10¹¹ CFU
Streptocococus faceium 6X10¹¹ CFU
Torulopsis with VITAMIN-C 100gms
Carrier: Dextrose up to 100 gms
Glide Pro