Layer Pro

are specially targeted Probiotics/ Direct-Fed Microbial for Layers

Desired Benefits

  • Prevent Bacterial Disease
  • Relieves Stress Conditions
  • Improves Antibody Titers
  • Improves Immunity
  • Better Absorption of Nutrients
  • Increase Egg Production
  • Improves F.C.R.


Dosage Instructions

150gms / 5000 Birds in drinking water



PER 150 GM
L.Acidophillus 18X10¹¹ CFU
L.casei 18X10¹¹ CFU
Bifidum 18X10¹¹ CFU
Entrococus faecium 18X10¹¹ CFU
L.salivarius 18X10¹¹ CFU
L.reutri 18X10¹¹ CFU
L.lactis 18X10¹¹ CFU
L.fermentum 18X10¹¹ CFU
S.cremoris 18X10¹¹ CFU
L.bulgaricus 18X10¹¹ CFU
N.M.B Complex: 10 grams, Acetic Acid-200mg

Citric Acid-200mg, Maltic Acid-200mg

Carrier: Lactose up to 150 gm

Layer Pro