is a blend of natural ethereal oils based on a combination of essential oils of plant origin

Desired Benefits

  • Prevents Respiratory Problems
  • Control Airway Mucus
  • Effective Post Vaccination Reactions
  • Stimulate Immune Response System
  • Natural disinfectants

Dosage Instructions

For oral administration via drinking water or spraying. 

Administration via drinking water

200 ml RESPOTRACT per 1,000 ml of drinking water during 4 – 5 days for 20000 birds. In the case of reduced water intake, the product’s concentration should be adjusted to the actual fluid intake to ensure the correct dosage. 

RESPOTRACT Liquid can also be applied via spray using conventional spraying equipment with a fine nozzle or preferably an aerosol generator (aerial spray). 


Administration via spraying

500 ml per 10 liters of water three times daily at intervals of 6 hours, during 3 – 4 days, or until the symptoms have ceased. The dosage may be repeated more times daily depending on the severity of the symptoms. 

Repeat treatment only on the advice of your veterinarian. Medicated drinking water or spray should be used within 24 hours.



Eucalyptus Oil 176 mg
Menthol liquid (40% menthol) 37 mg
Aqueous base 1 ml