Viral Guard

is to prevent viral and bacterial outbreaks in Poultry

Desired Benefits

  • Prevents Bacterial Outbreak
  • Relieves Stress Conditions
  • Prevents Viral Outbreaks
  • Improves Immunity


Dosage Instructions

  • 100gms for 2500 chicks in first drinking water
  • 200gms for 2500 adult birds in first drinking water
  • 400gms for 2500 breeders in first drinking water. 
  • Use a minimum of seven days. Double dose if required or as recommended by the veterinarian 


Per 100 Gms contains: 

Non-antibiotic Viral and Bacteria Relieving Salts, Antiviral Microbes, fortified with Prebiotics, N.M.B. complex, Immunomodulators, Vitamin -C in an enriched base.

Viral Guard