Anpeekay is a non-phosphite phosphorous nutrient and potash in ionized form; Which are embedded in a matrix of colloidal aminoacids and all bioencapsulated employing a biopolymer, to help harvest a better crop. Anpeekay safely replaces use of chemical fertilizers like urea, DAP, potash and complexes in agriculture.

Desired Benefits

  • 100% bioavailability
  • 100% water soluble phosphorous
  • Absorbed and metabolized more efficiently
  • Absorbed by different routes than inorganic minerals
  • Absorbed by the amino acid transport system
  • Builds critical levels of phosphorous
  • Delivered in a form similar to that found in the plant
  • Helpful in cases of malabsorption conditions

Dosage Instructions

Use 8–16ml per litre of water and can be applied by spraying, sprinkler, and drip

  • First application, during the preparation of the soil before sowing
  • Second application, when the crop is 1–2 weeks old
  • Third application, one week before when it is going to flower
  • Lastly, 1–2 weeks before harvest


Nitrogen as N 14.5
Organic acids 12.5
Phosphorous as P2O5 5.68
Biopolymer 0.16
Amino acids 2.00
Enzymes 7.00
Potassium as K2O 1.36