Nano Boron

Nano Boron is a chemical element that aids in the growth of crops and agricultural operations. It helps to provide healthy soil and increase crop yields. It also reduces leaching from soils, prevents diseases in plants, as well as many other applications. One of the most important roles of nano boron is to protect plants from various types of diseases, such as root rots. It also prevents soil erosion by providing a barrier that shields the topsoil. Crops can grow with more resistance.

Desired Benefits

  • Boron deficiency reduces the plant’s ability to fight off pests and diseases like powdery mildew
  • Helps raise pH levels. It balances out acidity caused by organic matter decomposition
  • A micronutrient that is present in many different types of soil
  • It can help strengthen a plant’s ability to withstand drought
  • It ensures that toxins from other elements like nitrogen don’t build up or create deficiencies in another part of the plant’s system
  • It has a role as a plant hormone
  • It helps increase resistance against salt damage from salts in irrigation water or other fertilizers

Dosage Instructions

125–187ml per acre or 0.625–0.9275ml per liter of water (As per crop requirement)


1.6% Nano Boron as B
1 L Equivalent to 1.6kg Sodium Octa Borate containing 21% B
Nano Boron