Nano Calcium

Nano Calcium particles encapsulated by a chitosan-based bio polymer, embedded on an amino acid and suspended in water. Nano Calcium has a particle size of less than 100 nano meter and with a potency of 10,000 ppm. Calcium may be available in the soil but in an unavailable form. It becomes unavailable and non-absorbable. Nano Calcium addresses this issue by making the calcium bio available.

Desired Benefits

  • Participates in metabolic processes of other nutrients uptake
  • Promotes proper plant cell elongation
  • Strengthen cell wall structure – calcium is an essential part of plant cell wall. It forms calcium pectate compounds which give stability to cell walls and bind cells together
  • Participates in enzymatic and hormonal processes
  • Helps in protecting the plant against heat stress – calcium improves stomata function and participates in induction of heat shock proteins
  • Helps in protecting the plant against diseases – numerous fungi and bacteria secrete enzymes which impair plant cell wall. Stronger cell walls, induced by calcium, can avoid the invasion
  • Improves fruit quality
  • Aids in the regulation of the stomata

Dosage Instructions

Each 1L provides 105g Calcium, 800,000 IU Vitamin D3, 20,000 IU Phosphatase Enzyme, 10.5g Aminoacids

Fodder crops  1.5–2 L/Ha once in 21 days

Cereal crops  1.5 L/Ha once in 21 days

Oil Seed Crops  1.75 L/Ha once in 21 days

Vegetables  1–1.5 L/Ha once in 15 days

Floriculture  1–1.5 L/Ha once in 15 days

Horticulture crops  2–3 L/Ha once in 45 days


Calcium as Ca 30.00
Organic acids 17.5
Amino acids 4.00
Biopolymer 0.45
Stabilizers 0.25
Preservatives 0.10
Antioxidants 0.25
Nano Calcium