Nano Copper

Nano Copper contains 500 ppm nano copper made by nano technology process, encapsulated by a bio polymerin a water suspension. This does not contain hydrogen peroxide. Plant pathogenic diseases like downy mildew in grapes are better controlled by copper application. Organic farming systems permit certain quantum of copper-based products to address such critical issues.

Desired Benefits

  • Universal disinfectant against fungi
  • Does not contain hydrogen peroxide
  • Very safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic
  • Can disinfect plant debris and plants
  • Can be sprayed on plants
  • Can be used for disinfecting pruned debris
  • Highly photostable, does not oxidise in sunlight
  • No maximum residue limit issue
  • No post harvest interval issues
  • No re-entry barrier issues
  • Compatible with all chemical pesticides, fertilizers, micronutrients, PGRs, botanicals (NOT with microbials)
  • Works in high and low temperature; works in high and low humidity

Dosage Instructions

  • Mix Nano Cu (50ppm) 5 ml/L of water and spray on the affected area. Repeat the application after a week
  • Soil application: 2.5L per acre and apply during sowing or transplantation
  • Do not mix Nano Cu with any chemical pesticides. Do not add any microbial biofertilizer before or immediately after drenching or spraying the target area. A week gap is ideal before application of any microbe based inoculant
  • Compatibility: Nano Cu is compatible with all other biofertilizers and organic fertilizers


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Nano Copper