Nano Phosphorous

Nano Phosphorous is based on nano phosphorus particles encapsulated by a chitosan-based bio polymer, embedded on an amino acid and suspended in water. Nano P has a particle size of less than 100 nano meter with a potency of 10,000 ppm. Phosphorus is a key macro nutrient of various biological functions like photosynthesis and respiration in plants.

Desired Benefits

  • Nano Phosphorus owing to its small particle size is immediately bio available and is quickly absorbed by plants
  • Aids in photosynthesis and respiration of plants
  • Reduced almost 50% requirement of conventional phosphatic fertilizers
  • Highly photostable, does not oxidise in sunlight
  • Compatible with all biofertilizers, chemical pesticides, fertilizers, micronutrients, PGRs, botanicals
  • Works in high and low temperature
  • Works in high and low humidity

Dosage Instructions

  • 5L Nano P can replace 100kg single super phosphate
  • Application: 8–16ml per liter of water for spraying / Sprinkler / Drip; first during preparation of the soil before sowing; Then when the crop is 1 to 2 weeks old; Again one week before when it is going to flowering, Lastly 1 to 2 weeks before harvesting
  • In the cases of diseases like downy mildew of grapes, fruit rot, root rot & citrus gummosis, Late blight of tomato etc. Use 20–30ml per L of Water for spraying/ sprinkler / drip
  • Note: Other key nutrients like all water-soluble fertilizers, nitrogen and trace elements can be mixed with Nano P except for calcium fertilizers and concentrated magnesium
  • In hydroponic systems, it should normally be added to the B tank along with the sulphates and trace elements
  • Nano P has a buffering effect which will help stabilize the pH of the solution at around 5.5


Phosphorous as P NLT 4
Non Ammonical Nitrogen
(Free Amino Acids) NLT
Potassium as K  NLT 6.5
Organic Acids NLT 3
Chitosan NLT 1.2
Phytase Enzyme 1.5
Nano Phosphorous