Nano Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate is otherwise called niter or saltpeter, which is a white solid soluble in water formed by the fractional crystallization of potassium and sodium nitrate solutions. It takes place naturally as niter in rocks in South Africa, Brazil, and India. When heated this compound decomposes to form oxygen and nitrite. It is non-deliquescent, unlike sodium nitrate.

Desired Benefits

Potassium Nitrate 80
Citric Acid 12
Bio Polymer 0.4
Organic Carbon 25

Dosage Instructions


  • Potassium nitrate helps plants by moving water, nutrients & carbohydrates in plants
  • Helps plants develop strong healthy roots
  • It helps make your plants more drought-tolerant and improves water absorption in the soil
  • Helps plants develop strong and healthy-looking leaves
  • It aids in photosynthesis

    • To coat the seed of any crop, dilute 4–6ml of the product per L water and soak or spray on the seeds
    • The recommended dose of fertilizer through the drip irrigation method should be around 1–1.25ml of this product mixed with per litre of water considering the crop and soil type. When applying fertilizer through leafy spray method 1–1.25ml of this product should be mixed with per litre of water and should be used one week before flowering




N Content 13%
K2O Content 44% to 46%
Water solubility (20ºC) 316 g/L
Solution pH 7 to 10


Nano Potassium Nitrate