Nano Potassium Phosphate

Enters into plant system as a bioencapsulated molecule in whole and results in no antagonisms. Organic P and K content in this can replace ten folds inorganic P and K supplements. It is a non-phosphite phosphorous nutrient formulation to help harvest the best crop. This safely replaces use of dicalcium phosphate and phytase in animal feeds.

Desired Benefits

  • 100% bioavailability
  • 100% water soluble phosphorous
  • Absorbed & metabolized more efficiently
  • Absorbed by different routes than inorganic minerals
  • Absorbed by the amino acid transport system
  • Builds critical levels of phosphorous and potassium
  • Cost effective
  • Delivered in a form similar to that found in the plant
  • Easy to administer
  • Helpful in the cases of malabsorption conditions
  • Imparts the plants ability to withstand phosphorus and potassium deficiencies
  • Improved plant health
  • Increases levels for energy, water and nutrient holding capacity

Dosage Instructions

  • Seed soaking
    Diluted with water by 1:120 for vegetable seed
  • Seed dressing
    Diluted with 10L water for 100kg for field seed
  • Root dipping
    Diluted with water by 1:100–200
  • In drip
    750ml per acre once in 15 days
  • Foliar
    – In vegetative phase: 1.5L per acre once in 21 days
    – In reproductive phase: 1L per acre once in 15 days


Phosphorous as P

Phosphorous as P2O5

Chloride as Cl

Iron as Fe

Arsenic as As


Suitable pH Buffers

Size of the particle



0.01% max

0.0005% max

0.0005% max


100 nano meters

Nano Potassium Phosphate