Nano Potassium

Nano Potassium is a light soft silver-white metallic chemical element of the alkali metal group presented as symbol K. Potassium is a major cation that is essential for plant, microbial and animal growth. Plants obtain their potassium requirement from the soil solution and respiration in plants.

Desired Benefits

  • Activation of numerous enzyme systems involved in the formation of organic substances and in the build-up of compounds such as starch or protein
  • Cell enlargement
  • Colour of fruits and flowers
  • Concentrations of Isoflavones in crops like soya
  • Development of the root system
  • Growth of young (meristematic) tissues
  • Nitrogen fixation by leguminous crops
  • Photosynthesis
  • Preserves quality of fruits & vegetables

Dosage Instructions

  • Dose Recommended: 500 ml/acre once in 10 to 15 days
  • 1L delivers 32.82g K and 11.757g N in nano form which are equivalent to 820g K and 293.96g N in conventional fertilizer form. This is equivalent to about 1.6kg potassium chloride and 1.8kg crude protein


Potassium as K 12.50
Organic Acids 12.50
Amino Acids 3.00
Biopolymers 0.08
Preservatives 0.15
Vitamins 0.25
Nano Potassium