Nano Pufa (30%) is based on nano poly unsaturated fatty acid particles (Derived from flax seed oil) encapsulated by a chitosan-based bio polymer, embedded on an amino acid and suspended in water. Nano PUFA has a particle size of less than 100 nano meter. Nano PUFA contains lipids which are an important source of metabolic energy and provides the plant with bio available essential poly unsaturated fatty acids.

Desired Benefits

  • Enhances quantity and quality of yield
  • Ensures better shelf life of the produce
  • Free from antibiotics, pesticides, insecticides, harsh chemicals, hormones
  • Improves robustness of the crops
  • Increased 3 omega fatty acids in the produce will assist in protecting health of the end users of the produce
  • Better profile of Nano PUFA in the yield
  • Assists in intensifying taste of the yield
  • Bio safe, totally organic, economical

Dosage Instructions

  • Seed dressing: For 1kg seed use 10–15ml of Nano PUFA and coat uniformly
  • Soil application: For soil drench or drip irrigation mix 5–10ml with 1L water
    – 1 Acre dose: 1–2L / 1 Ha dose: 2.5–5L
    – Apply once at vegetative phase / early leaf stage / 2 to 3 leaf stage of crop
    – Nano PUFA can be used once as a soil drench. This aids in stimulating vegetative growth of the plant and also for the growth of soil microflora
  • Foliar application: Mix 3–5ml with 1L water
    – 1 Acre dose: 600ml–1L / 1 Ha dose: 1.5–2.5L
    – Apply 15 days from pre flowering till harvest stage at 2 weeks interval
    – Mix Nano PUFA at recommended doses in sufficient water and spray on foliage. Apply at recommended intervals for better quality yield
  • Seed dressing: Mix Nano PUFA in sufficient water to make a slurry and coat seeds and dry in shade and sow / broadcast / dibble in the field


Flaxseed oil 30
Emulsifiers 16
Organic acids 8
Amino acids 8
Vitamins 0.5
Enzymes 5
Preservatives 0.8