Nano Silica

Nano Silica provides the plant with bio available silica which provides strength to tolerate biotic and abiotic stresses, imparts drought resistance/tolerance and improves its resistance to pest and disease attack.

Desired Benefits

  • Confers strength, rigidity
  • Creates better water-use efficiency
  • Decreases the transpiration rate (water loss through leaves)
  • Enhances pollination in tomatoes
  • Enhances the growth, chlorophyll content, thousand grain weight, filled grains, biomass and yield in rice
  • Ensures better pollen fertility in cucurbits
  • Ensures stronger stems and more erect leaves, which capture more sunlight
  • Filters harmful ultraviolet radiation reaching leaf surface
  • Improves plant growth and yield

Dosage Instructions

  • Soaking seeds: Mix 0.5–1 ml per liter of water
  • Dosage for soil application
    In root zone at the time of land preparation
    Cereals        2 L/acre
    Horticulture         25-50 ml/tree
    Floriculture         2-3 L/acre
    Sugarcane         4-5 L/acre
    Oil Seeds         2-3 L/acre
    Vegetables         2-3 L/acre
  • Dosage for foliar application
    In reproductive phase, from 15 days prior to flowering till harvest, once in 10 to 15 days in split doses of the following total requirement
    Cereals 250 ml/acre
    Horticulture           2–5 ml/tree
    Floriculture           250–300 ml/acre
    Sugarcane           400–500 ml/acre
    Oil Seeds                  200–300 ml/acre
    Vegetables           200–300 ml/acre


Sodium Meta Silicate 10.00
Citric Acid 62.50
L-Lysine Hydro Chloride 31.25
PEG-6000 12.50
Gelatin 62.50
Xanthan Gum 62.50
Vitamin-C 25.00
Nano Silica