Nano Zinc

Nano Zinc is a rather unique element for plant nutrition. Zinc is not mobile in plants. This calls for a constant supply of bio-available zinc for optimum growth. Nano Zinc-deficiency symptoms occur mainly in growth phase. Nano Zinc deficient plants exhibit delayed maturity, short internodes and a decrease in leaf size. Nano Zinc deficiency is related to reduced root growth and activity. Lower microbial activity in the soil decreases zinc release from soil organic matter. Nano Zinc uptake by plants usually decreases with increased soil pH or with high phosphates content in soil.

Desired Benefits

  • Builds critical levels of zinc
  • Helpful in the cases of malabsorption conditions
  • Imparts the plants ability to withstand phosphorus deficiency
  • Improved plant health
  • Increases levels for energy, water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Increases passive absorption by increasing water and lipid solubility of the mineral nutrient
  • Increases the ability of plants to resist pest and disease attack

Dosage Instructions

  • Foliar spray: Dissolve 0.5ml in a litre of water and spray on both the surface of the leaves
    Can be sprayed any time. Nano Zinc is not photosensitive
  • Soil application: 2.5L per acre and apply during sowing or transplantation


Zinc as Zn NLT 1.5
Organic Acids 3.5
Amino Acids 1
Biopolymers 1.1
Aqua QS
Nano Zinc