The product Pacify is only repellent to drive away the field rats. This product is based on organic derivatives hence will not kill the rats, affect the earthworms hens, grazing animals and aquatic animal

Dosage Instructions

  • 3 kg per acre
  • 7.5 kg per hectare

Product quantity required per acre is about 3 kilos 1kg (in 1/2 + out 1/2).

  • In is to be applied at spoon per burrow and out is to be applied around the field on the bunds (linear application).
  • If burrows are not seen in the field, both (in & out) can be mixed and applied on the bunds.

The result of the application will be seen by next three days that no rats will be visible and efficiency will last for 30-45 days minimum.


Wild plant extract 20%
Organic matter 70%
Acid insoluble silica 10%
Total 100.0%