Compost Pro

helps to accelerate the organic matter decomposition with increased humidification and shortened composting time

إرشادات الجرعة

Add 1 L of Compost Pro to 100 Kg organic waste and mix well. Evenly apply the above mix to 1000kgs of organic waste to convert all types of organic waste into compost/manure rapidly. Apply water to maintain moisture level on regular basis.



COMPOSITION                                                                     PERCENTAGE

Bacillus Species

Bacillus Coagulans

Bacillus Licheniformis

Bacillus Megaterium

Bacillus Subtilis


Total Count

 6×1011 Cfu

Actinomycetes – Streptomyces
Compost Fungi

– Basidiomyces Speices

– Trichoderma Species

– Myriococcum Thermophilum

Total Count

 7×1011 Cfu per ml

Mosphillic Bateria 1.7-2.84 x 109 Cfu per ml
Compost Pro