Aminomax SP

is an exceptional biostimulant containing a combination of amino acids dependent on bioactive substances got from Protein hydrolysates of vegetative beginning utilizing compound hydrolysis technique without exposing it to warm pressing factor.

الفوائد المرجوة

  • Increases grain / fruit yields because of better protein assimilation
  • Promotes enzymatic activities as it contains natural stimulants
  • Stimulates protein assimilation as it contains amino acids which act as building blocks

إرشادات الجرعة

Foliar application

  • Dose: 0.75–1g/L water
  • Typical acre dose: 150–300g
  • Typical hectare dose: 375–750g

Spray  Aminomax SP at post-flowering and early fruiting/grain formation stage


AminoMax SP includes actives that are removed from vegetative sources by the compound hydrolysis strategy in surrounding measure temperature and as such Bioactive substances don’t get denatured.

AminoMax SP isn’t gotten from creature source. The use of amino acids got from creature cause sources to plants is contrary to the rule of nature. It is gotten from soy cause utilizing an enzymatic cycle. Corrosive/antacid hydrolysis and high temperature/warm pressing factor isn’t utilized for AminoMax SP definition and along these lines AminoMax SP is characteristic and safe wellspring of protein supplement to plants.

Aminomax SP