is based on the seed kernel extract of seeds of Annona squamosa (Custard Apple/Seethaphal). Annomax contains Squamocin (Annonin) as the active ingredient and is formulated as 1% emulsifiable concentrate.

الفوائد المرجوة

  • Annomax effectively controls most economically damaging pests, such as caterpillars of Fall Armyworm, Helicoverpa spp, Spodoptera spp, and other Lepidopteran larvae
  • Can be used with conventional chemical pesticides, optimizing pesticide usage
  • Non-phytotoxic
  • Safe to parasites, pollinators, and predators
  • Does not lead to Pre-Harvest Interval issues
  • No re-entry barrier issues
  • No Maximum Residue Limit issues
  • No resistance problems
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable
  • Approved for use in organic agriculture


إرشادات الجرعة

Foliar application

  • Typical acre dose: 400ml
  • Typical hectare dose: 1000ml

Mix Annomax @ 2ml/L and Silicomax @ 0.3ml/L

Silicomax is a silicon spray adjuvant that improves bioefficacy

Annomax can be used as follows:

  • Mix Annomax and Silicomax at recommended doses in sufficient water and spray on foliage.
  • Mix Silicomax 0.3 ml/L spray fluid, which improves bioefficacy. Silicomax is a silicon spray adjuvant that helps in super spreading and penetration of Annomax.
  • The spray volume depends upon the crop canopy. Spray at the early stage of insect emergence and give 1 – 2 follow-up sprays at 4-5 days intervals.
  • Drift from Annomax spray fluid will cause eye irritation. Therefore, it is mandatory for the operator to wear eye protection glass with side shields and a nose mask while mixing and spraying the product.

Note: Do not store Annomax solution for more than 24 hours after mixing in water.