is a perfect broad-spectrum Multi-Tasking Ge Next organic biotic stress control formulation. This is 5-in-1 antioxidant giving control of biotic stress caused by sucking pest, larva, mites, fungus and Bacterial disease.

It disrupts insect growth and development cycle by blocking hormone release upon ingestion or contact

الفوائد المرجوة

  • Effectively controls most of the economically important fungal diseases like Root rots, Wilts, Damping off and other seed borne and soil borne fungal diseases in crops
  • Pathogenic fungi load reduction leads to improved plant health and thereby increased crop productivity
  • Trichoderma viride is earthworm friendly, pet friendly, eco friendly and infant friendly


إرشادات الجرعة

Foliar: Use 250–300 ml/acre; apply as foliar application at vegetative and flowering stage. Add to mixing tank with half of the amount of water you wish to apply. Allow the solution to completely mix then add the remaining water to the tank.


Vitamin K 2.0% 
Polysorbate 3.0% 
Capsicum oil 95%