Trichoderma viride

is a biological fungicide based on a selected strain of naturally-occurring beneficial soil fungus Trichoderma viride that protects crops from several diseases caused by seed borne and soil borne fungal pathogens like Rhizoctonia spp, Pythium spp, Fusariumspp and Alternaria spp. It is used as an effective seed dressing and soil treatment product to combat seed and soil borne fungal diseases

الفوائد المرجوة

  • Controls thrips, BHP, and leafminers at all life stages
  • Fights resistance
  • Interferes with lipid synthesis and kills thrips by ingestion
  • For growing flowers, foliage crops, shrubs, ground covers, ornamental trees, etc


إرشادات الجرعة

  • Seed treatment: Mix 10g of Trichoderma viride with 10g of crude sugar in sufficient water to make slurry to treat 1 Kg seed. Coat the seed with this slurry so as to have a uniform coating all over the seeds. Dry the seeds in shade for 30 minutes and sow the treated seeds within 24 hours.
  • Soil application: Mix 5–10Kg Trichoderma viride along with 1Kg of crude sugar in sufficient quantity of organic fertilizer / de oiled cake and incubate at 30% moisture level for 3–4 days and apply to root zone. 
  • Soil drenching, Nursery application, Root dipping: Mix 10g of Trichoderma viride per L of water and use to drench soil/nursery/dip roots. 
  • Drip Irrigation: Mix 3–5Kg Trichoderma viride in 50L of water and mix well. Allow to sediment and  decant super natant and feed it through drip irrigation. 

Note: Trichoderma viride should not be used in mushroom farming as it causes disease in mushrooms.


Trichoderma viride (spores) 10%, 1 X 109 CFU/g 
Carrier (Dextrose) 90%
Trichoderma viride