Mykrobak Biotoilet

Enhance the growth and existence of Thermophilic Bacteria and to sustain high temperature thus it enables to perform well for sludge stabilization either through aerobic digestion or anaerobic digestion.

الفوائد المرجوة

• Blend of various acclimatized microbial strains, no fermentation required
• Degrades fecal sludge fastly and reduces foul Odour
• Suppresses harmful bacterial growth
• Rapid multiplication of healthy bacterial colonies for faster commissioning
• Degrades organic waste into methane, CO2 and liquid
• Good performance at extremely low and high up to 60°C
• Non-pathogenic and non-hazardous to human beings
• Eco friendly and naturally safe bacteria
• No effect of cleaning chemicals phenyl, detergent, kerosene up to certain limit
• Control back flow and overflow of digester tank. Due to less dilution ratio, it provides
98% digester space for use which increases sewage holding time, hence outlet quality
improves. Bacteria form colonies inside the pipeline which helps to protect from clogging
and blocking of pipes
• Powder form is easy to store, handle and transport
• Overall digester commissioning cost reduces up to 75%
• Shelf life of 24 months provides long lasting life of product
• 1 kg Mykrobak bio toilet powder required to commissioning of 1000 liters of digester tank

إرشادات الجرعة

Dosage Schedule
Mix 1 kg Mykrobak Bio toilet powder for 1000 liter Biodigestor tank.
Area of Application
• Bio toilets
• Portable toilets
• Community toilets
• Septic tanks
Application Matrix
1. Mix Mykrobak 1 kg powder in 20 Liter water (Prefer normal temperature).
2. Stir well and remain in bucket for 30 minutes (for bacteria activation)
3. Directly Dose at inlet of toilet seat or WC.


Performance properties
PH 6.5 – 7.5
Temperature 5 to 55°C
Reactivation Rate 99% After addition to water
Concentration Highly Concentrated
Shelf Life 2 years

Physical properties
Appearance Off White Colour
Physical State Powdered Form
Odour Odourless
Moisture Content 6-7%
Mesh Size 0.6 mm
Packaging 1 kg Aluminum zip lock

Mykrobak Biotoilet