Mykrobak Drop

Mykrobak Drop self-dissolving packs contains bacteria cultures which are able to degrade fats, grease, soaps, oils, faecal sludge, Ammonia from urine and many chemicals in the septic tank environment.

الفوائد المرجوة

• Contains patented bacterial cultures to promote rapid breakdown of solids

which reduces odor, scum, and faecal sludge – ultimately improving septic

system efficiency

• Keeps your septic tank working at peak performance

• Restores the natural bacteria balance

• Easy to use

• Concentrate bacteria in self-dissolving pouch

• Start treating waste at source

• Trusted by numbers of Septic tank and Bio toilet OEM

• Helps prevent main line and leach line clogs

• Helps prolong the need for septic tank pumping

• Simply pour the contents of one packet into the toilet and flush

• Highly concentrated water soluble Just drop bacteria is for use in aerated

septic systems, package systems and other aerated wastewater systems

• These bacteria digest grease, soaps, proteins, fats, oils, many chemicals found

in cleaning products and it works with both the settling chamber and aeration

chambers of the aerated units

• The Just Drop packet includes 10 individual 40 gram packets (total of 400

grams of digesting bacteria) which are flushable down the toilet

• The manufacturer recommends for startups to use one pouch per toilet first

month . Flush one down the toilet and then repeat with the maintenance pack.

• For regular maintenance, just flush one pouch down the toilet every month

• Helps prevent drain and septic back ups and reduces odors

• Easy to use packs that dissolve in water

• Contains unique Mykrobak Drop Bacteria

إرشادات الجرعة


• Place one block in each urinal space every 50cm in trough urinals

• Replace when the block has dissolved for maximum efficiency

Area Of Application

• To use in public Urinals

• Suitable for all types of urinals including stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic


Performance properties

PH 6.5 – 7.5

Temperature 5 to 55°C

Reactivation Rate 99% After addition to water

Concentration Highly Concentrated

Shelf Life 2 years

Physical properties

Appearance Off White Colour

Physical State Powdered Form

Odour Odourless

Moisture Content 6-7%

Mesh Size 0.6 mm

Packaging 1 kg Aluminum zip lock

Mykrobak Drop