Mykrobak STP

Mykrobak STP consists of a wide variety naturally selected bacteria composition which is used to degrade organic compounds from sewage. 

الفوائد المرجوة

Performance properties

PH 6.5 – 7.5

Temperature 5 to 55°C

Reactivation Rate 99% After addition to water

Concentration Highly Concentrated

Shelf Life 2 years

Physical properties

Appearance Off White Colour

Physical State Powdered Form

Odour Odourless

Moisture Content 6-7%

Mesh Size 0.6 mm

Packaging 1 kg Aluminum zip lock


Dosage Schedule

Depend upon the organic load, contaminants and volume of waste water

Area of Application

• Membrane Bio reactor

• Activated sludge Process

• Sequencing batch reactor

• Moving bed bio reactor

• Extended Aeration system

Application Matrix

1. Mix MYKROBAK 1 kg powder in 20 Liter water (Prefer normal temperature)

2. Stir well and remain in bucket for 30 minutes (for bacteria activation)

3. Directly Dose at inlet of tank

Mykrobak STP