essentially extends the root system of their associated plants extending its rhizosphere, so as to help the plants easily draw in nutrients, minerals, and water from afar

الفوائد المرجوة

  • Maximize Root Size: Bigger roots results in enhanced water and nutrients uptake
  • Protect from Pathogens: Protects the roots from soil-based pathogens
  • Added Resilience: Improves stress tolerance during transplanting


إرشادات الجرعة

Drop 5g (1 tsp) of RootX evenly into the base of the planting hole, so that the powder is in direct contact with the roots. (insoluble) 

Shake the bottle well before use. 

This feed should be mixed with clean water in a container and mixed thoroughly before applying to the plants. 


1 Mycorrhiza Sp
2 Trichoderma Sp
13 Bacillus Sp
Plant Growth Hormones
Amino Acids & Vitamins